Dear Subscribers,

Amazing and true, we are past the closing moment for, and want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU so much for being part of our community for however long it's been -- for some people it goes all the way back to 2001!

And now, as we go our various ways, we just wanted to be sure you have the smoothest transition to another online interface to pursue your Young Living path. Please remember to set up your next website for sharing YLEO - whether it's the corporate site or some other site or both or even three! Who knows? Life offers so many opportunities now for sharing the things you know and love.

And don't forget: You need to create a new email address, too! We can't help you with that one.

If you have not done these already, please consider doing it soon.

Here's what we will do for the next year: We will re-direct any visitor trying to reach your former website to any other site of your choosing. Just tell us what it is by sending the address to If you don't let us know which other site you wish to use, we will automatically re-direct your visitors to the YLEO corporate website along with your YLEO member number. If that happens "by mistake", just get in touch with us with your preferred website address. Just to be clear, though, there is a time-window for our re-directing service:

Our re-directing service will run for just one year, starting September 15, 2018. Simply speaking that means that if someone tries to reach your former website after September 30, 2019, they will get an "error message" with no other information about how to reach you.

Naturally, whatever changes you make to your web presence and email address you'll want to make also on whatever other promotional tools you use, whether your business card, Facebook page, ads, etc.

Hopefully, this process will be smooth and easy for you, and your Young Living journey will continue to abundance.

From all of us at,
We wish you most sincerely, "oil the best"!!
Susan Pottish, Jan Rippingale, Aaron Transue